Harness the power of the Universe and amplify your manifesting!

A step - by - step course that teaches you how to uplevel your manifesting while tapping into wisdom of Universal cycles.

What if you’d have a strategy that is easy to apply all over again, a manifesting system that is fully supported by the Universe? A no-nonsense approach that you can adapt to your own needs?


Imagine you truly loving your life and attracting all that you wish for. 

You’d be pinching your face, making sure you are awake, not in an actual dream!

Here’s how.

Introducing Journaling with the Universe

By Maja Todorovic

Created by a astrology and manifesting guru (moi) for master manifestors (that’s you!),


Through powerful modules of online content (video’s, workbooks & more), I’ll walk you through exactly how to define ultimate vision of your future and bring it to life.

It’s a strategic foundation for harnessing the power of the Universe, giving you the right tools you need to start living the life under your own terms and become a force for bringing your dreams to your new reality.

‘Cos the truth is what often happens is that while you are busy making a living, caring about your family, studying and ext. you didn’t have a real opportunity to devote to your life and your true desires.

Now, here comes the tough love!

I bet you feel:

  • like having unfulfilled days because you lack clarity of exactly what you want;

  • tired of getting all the time the same results, no matter how hard you try to reach your goals;

  • frustrated at times but deep down knowing there is much more for you that you can accomplish.

  • procrastinating, being without motivation and focus, often fearing to take bold actions that you KNOW would bring results, and yet you are still doing things the same old way.

And here's the deal:

your habits, mindset and actions you didn’t adopt over night. Your subconscious mind took years to form. So building the life that is fully aligned with your core essence will require your commitment, responsibility and consistency.

Pssst….did you know that 95% of actions we take on daily basis come from our subconscious mind? Who would tell, I knowww! 

Which is annoying, because you want RESULTS now, right? I get it. I really do. But knowledge is power, moonpie!’cause the truth is if you take the time to get this right, you can harness the potential of moon cycles, literally make a ‘plug and play’ system under your sleeve to help bring your manifestations to a whole different level! 

But on the other hand, you reading this, you also know that the status quo is not acceptable any more;

No more, same tedious days, without purpose, going through motions, like on the autopilot.

Being tired and with lack of spark and joy for life.

Hell. Nope.

Which is why it’s time to woman up, pull on your big girl panties and give your life the love it deserves.

But don’t worry, you’re not doing it alone. And you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

And you might be asking why journaling as a technique? Well, journaling is a gentle, yet scientifically proven way for us to rewire our brain. Remember a minute or two ago when you read about subconscious mind? Through journaling we are creating a safe space for us, a container in a gentle way to work on our mindset, get intimate with both our fears, desires, values, dreams… And in this sacred space everything is possible. There is no judging, no criticizing, just you, tapping and working your own magic, guided by the Moon and your intuition. And I’m there just to gently nudge you and encourage you.


Enroll today and get access to all the course material and bonuses immediately so that you can start the journey to elevate your manifesting to a whole new dimension!

After completing this course, you will be able to


    with the path you actually want to go


    vision, goals and intentions you want to achieve

  • PLAN

    and execute the right actions to reach your goals


    the right circumstances and support on your path


    limiting beliefs and foster inner trust and confidence


    your mindset to bring more ease and flow

Within this video course is supplied a detailed workbook (PDF) for working with the Moon cycles, journaling prompts and developing your moon rituals.


You will get your own copy of the digital version of the "Mercury retrograde journal"!

After purchasing the course, you will be granted full access to the course and PDFs. You can listen to the course at your own convenience and replay if needed, since this is a self-paced course. Keep in mind this is our first pilot course that is still in development phase and you will get all the updates and features that come in the future. Once you finish the course, please fill out the survey form as we deeply value your opinions and feedback.

You may email astroglorious@gmail.com if you have any questions about the course material and need further clarification.

What's inside Journaling with the Universe

write your manifestation into reality

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • Introduction to the course

    • Tips on how to make the most of this course

  2. 2
    • Benefits of writing during the Moon cycles

    • The power of scripting as a journaling technique

    • Journaling during the New Moon

    • Journaling during the Waxing Crescent Moon phase

    • Journaling during First Quarter Moon phase

    • Journaling during Waxing Gibbous Moon phase

    • Journaling during Full Moon

    • Journaling during Waning Gibbous Moon phase

    • Journaling during Last Quarter Moon phase

    • Journaling during Waning Crescent Moon phase

    • Ritual considerations

    • "Journaling with the Universe" workbook for first module

  3. 3
    • Journaling with Mercury retrograde

    • Mercury retrograde journal part 1

    • Mercury retrograde journal part 2

    • Mercury retrograde journal part 3

    • Final thoughts

    • "Journaling with the Universe" course survey

I'm ready to journal with the Universe!

Enroll today and get access to all the course material and bonuses immediately so that you can start the journey to elevate your manifesting to a whole new dimension!